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Tree & Shrub Care

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Trimming & Pruning Services

 Spokane's Quality Tree Service Provider Proper tree pruning encourages healthy growth, improves strength, and helps to prevent structural problems. Poor pruning can result in permanent damage, improper growth or death of a tree or shrub. At Spokane ProCare our experts understand the importance of properly pruning and trimming trees and shrubs. They understand that every pruned or trimmed branch can have a lifelong effect on the plant and that a properly maintained tree or shrub can add beauty and value to your property. Don’t make the mistake of letting just anyone trim your investments, let our certified experts eliminate the guesswork and keep your trees healthy and beautiful for years to come.

There are several different reasons for these services...

Maintenance Pruning & Trimming is done when trees or shrubs become a nuisance or start to interfere with other aspects of a landscape. For example, when braches are too close to or hanging over houses, blocking pathways/ sidewalks, or damaging fencing, maintenance pruning is necessary.Structural Pruning & Trimming is a great way to increase strength and healthiness, especially in young trees. Pruning trees while they are young can correct weak angles of branch attachment and give the tree a much better chance of surviving nature’s elements later in life. Aesthetic Pruning & Trimming is used to enhance the attractiveness and value of your landscape. The shaping of trees and shrubs can be customized to your particular landscape and preferences, bringing you years of beauty and enjoyment. Call your local experts at Spokane ProCare today for all your pruning and trimming needs!

Shrub Bed Weed Control

 Spokane tree and shrub service

Maintaining a weed free shrub bed is one of the biggest challenges in our industry. The conditions in these beds are perfect for airborne weed seeds. Our program has been developed to maximize the effectiveness of treatment while maintaining a reasonable price structure.
Our program consists of 4 applications, timed to provide wide range lasting coverage for most weeds:
Spring shrub bed weed control: This application is applied in liquid and/or granular form in March before weeds germinate. This pre-emergent “ties up” in the top 1” of soil and attacks weeds as they try to break the ground surface.

Shrub bed touch-up spray 1: When warm weather arrives and you begin to clean and work in the beds, this seal is broken and the beds once again are susceptible to new weeds. Our Shrub bed touch up spray treats these new weeds with a post-emergent herbicide that works into the root system to destroy the weed. We may add a pre-emergent if conditions are favorable to re-establish the “seal” against weeds.
Shrub bed touch-up spray 2: As the season wears on, the effectiveness of the pre-emergent naturally wears off. This spray gives us another opportunity to treat new weeds that have germinated in the beds and again treat stubborn weeds that survived our initial treatments.
Summer Shrub bed weed control: With the higher temperatures and frequent watering, the pre-emergent applied in the spring is all but gone. This application once again establishes a fresh seal against weed germination. This application is designed to last for the remainder of the growing season.
We constantly strive to provide the best quality service at an affordable price. Our technicians may even pull any large weeds that managed to survive along the way. If this program does not stand up to the needs of your particular beds, we can add additional treatments or use other specialized products to treat your situation. For example, grasses growing from the center of shrubs are difficult to control with these treatments. Certain weeds such as Equisetum, commonly known as Horsetail, respond only to one particular product. Contact us for treatment options for these special circumstances.

Tree and Shrub Program

Trees and shrubs represent a huge investment in your property and appreciate in value with age. Many trees have a longer life span than humans do, but they are just as susceptible to disease if not properly cared for.
Our tree and shrub program is designed to be a preventative health treatment to give your plants the best opportunity to thrive and grow. Our tree and shrub spray program consists of 4 treatments:
Dormant Oil Spray:This is the most important and also the most overlooked treatment for your plants. Insects lay eggs on the bark and branches of your trees and shrubs in the late fall each year. These eggs hatch with the warm weather in the spring and the insects feed on your plants, weakening them. Dormant Oil is applied very early in the year before the plants come out of dormancy. The oil is extremely safe and smothers these eggs, greatly reducing the pest population before the tree even breaks its’ buds for the year. This treatment is also effective on scale. We add a fungicide to the mix to help control bacteria, and to treat certain types of fungus.
Spring Insect Spray: This application is applied in mid spring to eliminate the new insects that have migrated onto your plants from the neighborhood. Some insects that over-winter in the soil or leaves from the previous fall have also gotten into your plants. This treatment protects your plants as they are trying to put on new growth for the season.
Early Summer Insect Spray: As the treatments from the spring begin to wear out, a fresh application is applied to control the pest population. This consistent treatment follows life cycles of the targeted pests. By staying ahead of the pests, the plants thrive.
Late Summer Insect Spray: As the season winds down, this treatment tries to greatly reduce the population of pests who are about to lay eggs or go dormant for the winter. By treating the pests now, the job the following year is much more effective.

Tree Injection Program

Some large species of trees such as maple, birch and elm present a greater challenge in the form of specific pest problems, most notably Aphids, and borers. It is difficult to effectively spray the very large trees sufficiently to control these pests. If your yard has these species of trees, you need the protection of tree injections:
#1 Tree Injection: The most effective and the safest pest control for a maple, birch or elm tree is to get the treatment inside the tree instead of on the leaves. I’m sure you have seen or experienced the syrup like substance dripping on your freshly washed car as it was parked under one of the large trees. This substance is actually the secretion of Aphids, and is a sure sign that you have a serious infestation. This treatment is injected directly into the soil around the base of the tree in precise doses that match the individual tree. The product travels up from the root zone through the cambium layer and into the leaves. When the pests feed on the leaves, they are eliminated.
#2 Tree Injection: Birch and elm trees require a second treatment to effectively control these pests. The procedure is identical, and the results are very good. You can improve the effectiveness of these treatments dramatically if you water heavily under the trees for 2-3 days after the treatment. Running your lawn sprinkler system is not sufficient for this purpose unless allowed to run for 2 hours at a time 2-3 times each day for the first few days. A mature tree can easily take up 5 gallons of water an hour.
Direct Injection: If you have one of these trees that is surrounded by a lot of concrete or asphalt as in a city parking boulevard, where much of the root system is under asphalt or concrete, you may need a direct injection. Instead of injecting into the ground around the tree, the product is injected directly into the cambium layer of the tree, where it travels into the leaves.

Systemic Treatments

The most effective and the safest pest control for maples, birches and other shade trees is to get the treatment inside the tree instead of trying to get all the leaves treated. I'm sure you have seen or experienced the syrup like substance dripping on to cars that are parked under large trees. This substance is actually the secretion of aphids, and is a sign that you have a serious infestation. Our treatment is directly applied to the soil around the base of the tree in precise doses that match each individual tree. Then the product travels up the tree through the cambium layer and into the leaves where the insect feed, and are eliminated. This treatment can take some time due to the size of the tree and time of year. We suggest doing this treatment every year either in the fall or spring for year-round coverage. We can treat any time of the year as long as the ground is not frozen.

Insect Control

Guranteed Outdoor and Indoor Pest Control Services

Outdoor Pest Control At Spokane ProCare we have certified technicians trained to locate and control the many different pests commonly found in the Northwest. No one likes to have pests in their home or yard and Spokane ProCare can eliminate the problem quickly to create a pest free environment. Indoor Ant & Spider Treatment This application targets pests that may have already been inside the home, or have somehow penetrated the exterior pest barrier. Having both an exterior and interior pest control application will ensure the best possible results.

Other Pest Control Services...

  • -Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control Combo
  • -Yellow Jacket / Wasp Control and Nest Removal
  • -Roach and Flea Treatment
  • -Lawn Insect Control
  • -Tree and Shrub Insect Control
  • -Ant and Spider Control ( including Black Widow and Hobo Spiders
  • -Mosquito Treatment

A few Tips on how to keep spiders out of your house:
Keep your rooms and basements clean. Spiders often look for cozy places to hide. Towels and clothes left on the floor make great places for spiders to hang out. You wouldn’t want to dry off or put on an old shirt only to find that it is a spider’s new home!
* This is also a great way to get your kids to clean their room.

Shrub Bed Weed Control |  Tree & Shrub Program |  Tree Injection Program |  Systemic Treatments |  Trimming & Pruning |  Insect Control

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