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"After 20 years, you guys continue to be great taking care of my place. Thank you!" -B.Dickinson

Never let your lawn become overgrown

With our weekly mowing service you will never have to look at an overgrown lawn. We do everything to make sure that your lawn gets the best cut each week, including: sharpening mower blades, use of professional equipment, changing the direction of the cut and more. Our equipment uses mulching technology, depositing the cut grass back onto your lawn. This reduces thatch buildup and gives you a healthier lawn.

*Mowing starts in April based on mowing conditions and continues through October*

Get a healthy, green weed-free lawn

Our turf program gives your lawn the proper nutrients and weed control it needs. This process consists of 5 steps.

  • #1: Early Spring Fertilizer: Applied in the early spring to give grass a head start before weeds appear.
  • #2: Late Spring Fertilizer: Applied in mid-May and consists of a liquid weed application over the lawn. A balanced granular fertilizer will also be applied.
  • #3: Summer Fertilizer: A granular fertilizer is applied to provide the necessary nutrients without causing burning of the grass. Any weeds will be spot sprayed.
  • #4: Late Summer Fertilizer: A granular fertilizer is applied and liquid weed is applied to the entire lawn. Spot treatment for weeds may be necessary.
  • #5: Fall Fertilizer: Applied late September, it is designed to strengthen the grass and prepare it for the winter months.

* If you have the full, five-application program we guarantee a green, weed free lawn. If you need additional applications, they are at no charge.*

Improve the look of your lawn

Lawns should be aerated in the spring or fall time to improve the health of your lawn. There are many benefits to core aeration.

  • Improves overall turf health
  • Assists in thatch management
  • Relieves soil compaction

Prepare your yard for the coming Season

Spokane ProCare can help keep your lawn free of debris and prepare it for the change in seasons.

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