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Eliminate your pest problems

Spokane ProCare’s trained technicians can successfully treat your indoor and outdoor pest problems.



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"You did a great job on my ant/spider spray. Called to let us know you were coming. Very nice on the phone." - M.Stern

Keep spiders out of your home

Spiders love to nest in dark, cozy places which is why it is important to keep your rooms and basement clear from clutter. If you do start to see a spider and ant problem develop in your home, give us a call and we can help solve the problem. We target the pests that have already come inside the house and then add another outer barrier to make sure no more get in.

Get rid of common pests of the Northwest

It is important to take care of pest problems before they get worse and take over your lawn or home. We can take care of all the most common infestations.

  • Indoor and outdoor pest control combo
  • Yellow jacket / wasp control and nest removal
  • Roach and flea treatment
  • Lawn insect control
  • Tree and shrub insect control
  • Ant and spider control (including black widow and hobo spiders)
  • Mosquito treatment

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