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   "The two gentlemen that did my Fall Trimming did an awesome job! Best its ever looked! I will continue to use and recommend ProCare for my Spring & Fall Trimming." -T.Hansen

Spokane Tree and Shrub Care

At Spokane ProCare, we offer outstanding tree service for your commercial or residential property in Spokane. We can assist you with all aspects of shrub and tree care including pruning, trimming, health analysis, weed and feed control, pest control, and much more. Our comprehensive approach means your landscape will always be in the best condition no matter what season it is.

Pruning & Trimming

Our experienced tree and shrub specialists can provide you with the expert pruning and trimming services your landscape needs to flourish. Every branch that is well care for can affect the long term health of your trees and shrubs. That is why we offer the most complete line of services for your landscape including:

  • Maintenance Trimming & Pruning: When trees or shrubs start to affect other areas of the lawn.
  • Structural Trimming and Pruning: Enhances the strength and longevity of shrubs and trees especially at an early age.
  • Aesthetic Trimming and Pruning: Increases the beauty of your landscape while maintaining its health.

Shrub Bed Weed Control

Spokane ProCare offers a complete program that ensures the maximum effectiveness of treatments while pricing our services affordably.

  • Spring shrub bed weed control: We apply this in granular and/or liquid form during the month of March and eliminate weeds as they attempt to break through the surface.
  • Shrub bed first spray touch up: Once the warm weather arrives, we get to work on the shrub beds once again, We apply a touch up spray to attack new weeds at the root.
  • Shrub bed second spray touch up: Another application is administered to support the initial spraying and to target new weeds.
  • Summer weed control: In this application, a new seal against potential sprouting weeds are applied and will last throughout the season.

Our additional services include pest control with insect spray for optimal tree and shrub care. Contact us for more information by calling (509) 483-5249 today.

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